The Watford based courier company with
local, national and International coverage
for pallets & parcels

pricing structure

We believe you won't find a better price for all your delivery needs anywhere else. We offer an extremely reliable service that is incredibly flexible and we're confident that, whether you require parcel or pallet delivery, we can deliver what's needed at a very competitive price.

Pricing for Pallets across the UK start from:

  • ¼ Pallet in the UK – from £26
  • ½ Pallet in the UK – from £31
  • Full Pallet in the UK – from £36

European Services:

  • ¼ Pallet in Europe - £80
  • ½ Pallet in Europe - £115
  • Full Pallet in Europe - £150

For parcel enquiries please contact us, alternatively fill out our online quote form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Long Distance Rates:

  • Small van, £.95p per mile
  • Transit, £1.20 per mile
  • LWB, £1.40 per mile
  • 7.5t £2.10 per mile
  • 18t £2.95 per mile
  • Artic/Trailers £4.20

We will need to have a minimum of, £25 for any jobs done within our locality which is the WD post code.

Any other job outside our post code will bear a minimum of, £45 plus congestion charge where applicable. Rates and mileages on all jobs will have to be agreed both by e mail and verbally. 30% cancellation charge applicable when driver on site or 15% if cancelled prior to driver leaving our site. Minimum of, £20ph waiting applies
depending on vehicle size.